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Beat the heat, beat the dryness, beat the dead battery! Ace Cooler is a 3-in-1 cooling solution for all your summer needs. It's an air conditioner, portable fan and humidifier so you can cool, humidify and stay charged all day!

Ace Cooler is perfect for all those hot summer months! It's small size means that it won't take up a lot of space in your car or home and the powerful battery makes it portable and convenient. Perfect for camping, or just sitting in the backyard.


A durable and powerful air cooler that is not just a common "air conditioner". The Ace Cooler is an air cooler with a difference. Our air cooler comes with built-in multiple water curtain filter. This does more than just cool your room.

It effectively filters out fine dust particles in the air. When not in use, please dry out the filter and allow it to stand.

Sometimes, even on a warm day, it can get just a little too hot. And sometimes, when you're working on something that requires most of your concentration, the sound of a fan can be just a little too much. Ace Cooler has the perfect solution for both of those problems!

With its large capacity water container, you will be able to enjoy hours of cool air without the noise and distraction. And, it's so portable and light.

With this innovative product, you never have to worry about being hot again. It's as easy as putting some water in the water tank and turning a switch.

With 3 different speed settings, you can always find one that's perfect for what you need. Fill the tank with 3/4 of water, and it can operate in 5 hours or more.

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