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Use Alarma to ensure safety when you're walking home, jogging at night, or when going out. This compact-sized military grade personal alarm emits an ear-piercing sound up to 130dB & a blinding LED strobe light that disorient and scare off attackers.

Fall down, feel unsafe, or get hurt? Call for help with Alarma's tangle-free adjustable wristband. Life is unpredictable and if you worry about someone you care about, this is the perfect solution. You can be safe, sound, healthy, and this helps ensure that your loved one is taken care of, even if you're not there.

A button on your key chain that you can press and trigger a loud 130db sound, flashing strobe light, and emergency beeping in order to grab someone's attention
Loud enough to scare off would-be thieves and get the attention of passersby that can help you.

Loud Alarming Sound

SOS LED Lights

Your Personal Security

Light and Portable

Self Defense Siren

Easy to Activate

15,000+ Happy Customers ★★★★★


Family's Safety Is Top Priority

It's scary to go out at night. With Alarma, you can always be sure that your loved ones are safe. No matter if they're out partying late or just taking a walk, Alarma will keep your loved ones safe. It's an all-inclusive safety device with features like an alarm and an ear-pearcing 130DB sound in case of emergency.

Help Is Just One Button Away

Alarma is your alert device that you can wear as a bracelet or necklace. When you need help or if something happens, Alarma will alert others up to 1000 feet away. With Alarma, help is just one push of a button.

Protect yourself with Alarma! This small but loud personal alarm is designed to protect you in your most vulnerable moments. A 130 decibel sound and flashing strobe light will alert those around you that you need help. And all it takes is one pull of the pin to activate it. Its lightweight design makes it perfect to carry at all times, so it's always ready to come to your rescue.

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