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Bark Off Pro handheld dog repellent is a humane and safe way to get your dog to stop barking. It uses two ultrasonic transmitters, which can generate 130dB of ultrasound. It carries an ultrasonic that can range up to 50 feet (15M), and capable of sending a message to approaching dogs before they become aggressive in or outside the house.

Dog owners need a solution to their dog's barking problem. This is where Bark Off Pro anti-bark comes in. Simply pull out the handheld device, move the switch, and point it to the offensive dog. The ultrasonic sound will automatically transmit, and the dog will stop!

Easy-to-use, safe, and natural to train your dogs, stop from barking, and correct their bad behavior like digging, eating unsafe food, excessive barking, leash pulling, etc.

Can also be used a dog repeller to discourage aggressive dogs from attacking you or your doggie and as a bright LED flashlight while you and your dog are outdoors.

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