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Wanna make your desk look cool? Show off your creativity? Be different with Globex. With this levitation globe, you can finally have a conversation starter that's as cool as you are. The rotating globe has 3 color-changing LED beads that will mesmerize your office mates and workmates. The design is unique and impressive, with a levitating globe secured by magnets on the bottom and top of the frame


Upgrade to a magnetic levitation globe and watch your world literally turn upside down! Whether you're an office worker, gamer, student, or just an office plant and want to spice up your environment, this globe is right for you.

Let your creativity fly with Zibov Flying G, the coolest floating spherical globe in the market. Place it in any room and watch it hover in midair effortlessly with magnetic levitation! Soar into a different world and make your desk unique!

What if you could illuminate the entire room with a single motion? Zibov brings you the latest in LED lighting with our newest product, the Flying G. This luxury light has no less than six built-in LED lights inside the C shape. The frame has three different colors - blue, green and red - for some serious good times. Great for parties and intimate moments but also great for everyday use.

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