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You know the road to a better life is paved with knowledge. But what if you can't understand what's being said? That's where Zibov Instant Translator comes in. The world has spoken and we've listened! With this one device, you can enjoy not only the convenience of translation between languages but also a small, elegant design that can fit in your pocket or purse. You'll be ready to go anywhere and anytime because you're confident that we got your back.

This is a two-way real time translator that solves communication obstacles in face to face communication. With the most suitable translation results and fast response time, you will finally be able to talk to people from different languages with ease.

Translate in seconds

HiFi Audio Quality

Bluetooth Connection

40+ Languages Supported

99% Translation Accuracy

Long-life Battery


Every day, people face the obstacle of language barriers that can keep them from connecting with others. Zibov Language Translator solves these problems by accurately translating between any two languages. Simply speak towards the built-in speaker, in any language. In seconds, it will speak the translated text back to you in the targeted language. With a 99% accuracy rate, this device is a must-have for anyone who constantly interacts with people.

Translate words and phrases from one language to another with this voice translator! Our multilingual translator supports more than 40 languages and is perfect for travelling, studying international relations, or just learning a new language. It does both one-way and two-way translations in clear, natural-sounding voices.

Don't get lost in translation! Now you don't need a translator to speak foreign languages. Say what you want to say and this translator will provide the translation on your screen, right then and there. This is an innovative new way of translating that is more accurate than ever before. Our translator device is small, convenient, easy to hold, and extremely reliable. Bring it with you on your travels for instant translations anywhere.

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