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'- If you want to add a little something extra to your living room, bedroom, or wherever you need a little more ambiance, the Jellyfish Mood lamp will do the trick.

- Fully submersible and battery powered, this little guy is best enjoyed with friends and family.

- With 6 fantastic color changing lights (green, blue, red, purple), you can set the mood just right.

- And if you're feeling especially daring and want to get your party started without having to go downstairs for more drinks, just add alcohol gel.


You deserve a calm and relaxing space, where you can find relief from the stress of everyday life. Find peace in nature by adding these amazingly realistic jellyfish lamps that mimic the calming properties of their natural counterparts. With 20 different color-changing light effects, our lamps will provide you with the perfect space to escape your worries and unwind.

These unique lights are a great way to add some fun, whimsy, and color into your space. Plus, they're the perfect conversation starter for your guests! With the Zibov Jellyfish Lamp, you'll be telling people about the time you brought home a little slice of the ocean and let it live in your living room!

What's more soothing than a gentle jellyfish light? We've put together an experience that you can enjoy with the relaxing, hovering, and glowing effect of our Zibov Jellyfish Lamp. Add a unique design statement to your living room or bedroom table with this lovely design. It will be the perfect addition to your nightstand or the office desk that needs to be spruced up!

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