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In addition to your weight, are you curious about your health?

This body fat scale can perform a body analysis for you within seconds via the two sensors under your feet. The app stores your data in a convenient overview that you can view on your smartphone per day, month or year. In addition to your weight, you can also display your fat percentage, muscle and bone mass, BMI, body age, body water content, Kcal and protein (daily needs). A must have for those who value their health.

Body analysis app via Bluetooth (compatible with iOS and Android devices).
Backlit LCD display
Weight accuracy: 0.1 kg
Automatic on/off function
Maximum load: 180 kg

Body Weight

Body Mass Measurement

BMI Measurement

Visceral Fat Measurement

Body Protein

Body Fat Measurement

15,000+ Happy Customers ★★★★★

Track your progress with the Smart Scale and lose weight by simply stepping on it. This scale utilizes high-sensitive electrodes that are accurate and fast. It also provides accurate data on your body fat percentage and muscle mass. The easy-to-read display allows you to track your progress, weight, body fat percentage and muscle mass in just a few seconds.

The best way to lose weight, save money and improve your health is by tracking your weight. And that's why we invented Smart Scale, the intelligent and connected scale that will help you keep track of your weight, health, and fitness. It comes with a smart algorithm to help you maintain healthy weight. With this smart technology in your hands, it will be easy for you to fulfill your New Year resolutions!

Are you unhappy with your weight? Wondering how to lose fat or gain muscle? Want to measure things like body fat and muscle mass? This all-in-one scale is the perfect solution. It'll tell you everything you need to know about your body, just in seconds. Measure your 13 key body measurements in just seconds with our Smart Scale. It accurately identifies your weight, BMI, body fat, and more. Whether you're trying to lose weight or track your progress, our scale helps you quickly and easily measure what really matters for your health and fitness.

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