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Kids love toys with a unique twist and this is the most creative catapult toy that craze the market! With 4 foam planes included, kids can launch 3 planes in succession and experience what it's like to be a pilot in the sky. Zibov Gun Airplane is a great value for the money, easy to assemble, and sure to provide fun and family bonding for hours of entertainment.

This is the perfect gift for your beloved kids! Zibov Gun Airplane is a robust and durable foam airplane, especially designed for kids. It's made with durability and safety in mind, so you can let your little one enjoy themselves without any concern.

Children can play in the sky safely with Zibov Gun Airplane! We offer the safest toy airplane around, made from high quality and durable foam. Your kids can play with it all day long without you having to worry about them getting hurt. It's the perfect gift for any child that loves to fly!


Why pay a lot of money to go to the airport for a few hours when you can stay at home, at a fraction of the cost? Enjoy all the fun of flying in your own backyard with Zibov! We've got planes for kids and adults, so everyone in your household can get in on the action. With our sturdy construction and safety-tested design, you can feel confident knowing that all of our products are perfect for

Zibov Gun Airplanes are a unique and fun way to play with your kids! Using the included foam glider planes, you and your kids can have hours of fun launching the planes and then watching them float back down to earth. With 8 different planes included, this set is great for families who love spending time together.

Sets Up In Seconds And Enjoy

1. Position the airplanes firmly into the slots.
2. Load the gun to increase elasticity.
3. Pull the trigger and take off.

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