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Zibov Hand Torch is a newly launched outdoor torch/multi-tool by Zibov. It's the only fingerless glove with a built-in LED flashlight and waterproof design. You'll never have to worry about running out of batteries in the dark again. It's also great for fishing, hiking, camping, or just everyday use!

A water-resistant design will help you maintain your gear in any weather.

We've designed this glove to be the ultimate outdoor companion. With it, you can easily find your way in the dark, light up your campsite at night, or even blind that pesky raccoon that's been raiding your trash cans.

It is perfect for everyone who spends their time outdoors. Whether you're a hiker, camper, backpacker, or just someone who likes to sit on their porch at sunset and watch the sky turn a fiery red and orange in an evening thunderstorm - this torch is especially made for you.


Lights Up The Dark

Don't let the dark keep you from conquering the great outdoors! This handy flashlight torch is perfect for camping, fishing, hiking, and survival situations. The Zibov Hand Torch features a bright LED light that can be used with either your left or right hand. Simply slide your fingers into the glove-like casing and activate the light with the touch of a button. Whether you're exploring a dark cave or trying to start a campfire in the rain, this torch will keep you safe and illuminated.

Gives You Freedom

This clever little flashlight attaches to your gloves, giving you the freedom to use your hands while still having light. Whether you're fixing your car in a broad daylight or in the evening or just need a little extra light in a tight spot, the Zibov Hand Torch is perfect for the job.

These LED Flashlight Gloves are a lifesaver for those who have to work in the dark. The bright lights on top of each thumb and forefinger shine into dim places, making them perfect when you need your hands free!

Genius Invention

This ingenious little device is perfect for anyone who needs to use both hands while working in a dark environment. The torch attaches onto your gloves, freeing up your hands, so you can work without having to juggle a flashlight. Whether you're fixing the engine in your car, wiring something at home, or fixing your plumbing lines, the Zibov Hand Torch will make your job easier and safer.

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